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Let my born-gifted ability guide you to your peace of mind!

I am Jasmine, a naturally gifted empath and energy healer who has honed her abilities for over twenty years. My purpose is to support and guide you during your most challenging moments with deep understanding and genuine compassion.

Empowering Energy Healing: Illuminate Your Path and Find Balance in Life

Through my unique healing techniques, I have the power to manipulate and transform energy, bringing balance and harmony to your life. This profound connection with energy enables me to provide remarkably accurate readings, as I tap into the very essence of your being.
With my extraordinary gift and warm, inviting nature, I can reveal insights about your past, bring clarity to your present circumstances, and unveil new possibilities for your future. Trust in me to illuminate your path and offer solace in times of darkness.



Psychic Intuitive Reading

Get clarity on all aspects of your life with my full life reading includes past, present and future. This reading last 45 minutes



Energy Chakra Reading

Feeling like your energy is off balanced or unwanted energy? this reading is the one for you! Not only are you gaining insight with your life but also gaining insight with your energy and chakras. This is one of my MOST IN DEPTH readings that I offer. This reading last 60 minutes.


Tarot Card Full deck

See what the cards have in store for you! this is a full deck tarot card reading including with the cards it allows me to use it as a tool to give a very in depth reading past, present and future this reading last 45 minutes!


Chakra Consultation

If your feeling lost in life, off balanced and negative allow me to give you a chakra consultation this entails me reading your energy levels meditating with you and balancing two of your chakras and giving you detail on what's not balanced.


Spiritual treatments

deep, spiritual analysis

Looking Into It

This process is to look into my clients energy and see if there are spiritual blockages or build up energy that needs to be released it allows me to look deep into your aura to find the root of the problem and take you on a spiritual journey to healing. This process requires a one on one with me before starting all prices depend on clients situation. 

500 - 1500$


The Whole Chakra Balancing Package

Feeling unbalanced? Feel like your stuck and not centered with yourself, like your on the wrong path? This package must be used for a month this is to balance ALL SEVEN CHAKRAS.


Healing & Restoring Package

Go on a deep spiritual journey without the long term commitment, restore energy that has been affected by negative energy or trauma. This is a deep cleansing. This cleansing is a month process includes three meditation sessions that are customized to your energy needs.Also, includes text or email for that month.


One Chakra Balancement

Don't feel like getting all chakra's balanced? Get one chakra balanced! Sometimes my client's don't need every chakra balanced sometimes they only need one! includes meditation and material to balance chakra.


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