Let my born gifted ability guide you to your peace of mind!     

Jasmine is also a chakra balancing expertise!

Information about Chakras.

There are hundreds of chakras spinning ideally in a clockwise direction, attracting healthy energy for us to absorb, while at the same time, throwing off negative energy we no longer need. The healthier the chakra, the more energy we attract. The more energy we attract and hold on to, the healthier and stronger and happier we can be. A healthy chakra is one that is spinning rapidly in a clockwise direction, with no blocks to stop the flow of the Chi or Prana (Universal Energy or Life Force) that we need to live. Chakras, however are not always healthy, and for the most part are forever changing. The state of the chakras depends on many different factors, such as lifestyle, thought patterns, emotional history, and past life history as well. As one moves through life and its experiences, the chakras are absorbing the effects. This is why it is a MUST to keep it in balance and to remove all of the negative energy. 

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Welcome, I am Jasmine.

I am a Born gifted intutive Spiritualist/Chakra Healer with over two decades years of experience. I will guide you through your darkest times. I will not judge, I Will help you no matter what your situation is..No problem is too BIG or small for me to fix. I will be able to tell you about your past, bring meaning to your present, and open doors to your future. give me the chance to prove that i can and will help you!

Readings - Chakra Balancing - Meditations
  are done in my home private and confidential.

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